In 2019, the Department of Veterans Affairs began a project of scanning Navy Deck Logs of the Vietnam Era. They have made tremendous headway in scanning the Logs of nearly every ship that served in the Vietnam Theater of Combat between January 1962 and May 5, 1975. By examining these new scans, you can find when any of these ships were within the Territorial Seas and therefore eligible for presumption of exposure to herbicides, per the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019.

These Deck Log scans are now available IN ADDITION TO the earlier spreadsheet that NARA created prior to 2019. Below are the instructions on how to access these new Deck Log scans, FREE OF CHARGE and available to anyone with access to the NARA Digital Archives via the Internet. The Logs are still being added to the National Archives website, so until they have all been added, there will be weekly if not daily changes to the available Deck Logs that can be found at the Website.

Certain unscrupulous individuals and organizations are charging money or demanding dues to their Association in order to obtain these Deck Logs. These logs are FREE, in the public domain, and requesting payment for their access is unnecessary and immoral.

To find these Deck Logs for free on-line, use the following steps:

EXAMPLE: (Using a search for USS ENERGY MSO-436 and the April 1969 Deck Log)

Accessing these Deck Logs can be done at NO COST when using this method.

THIS ADDED LATER..... (1/2021)

Here's an easier way to find your ship's information. If it is not here, it either a) has not yet been uploaded to this digital library yet or b) are Deck Logs that cannot be located. Theoretically, all available Deck Logs were scanned by the VA. Now we just have to wait until the National Archives gets those files uploaded to this Directory.

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