Download your own map showing the farthest line for eligibility of Blue Water Navy ships for the new presumption benefits.

This is a routine that runs on Google Earth which shows all the water within the Territorial Seas of Vietnam as defined as 12 miles from Baseline. This program launches Google Earth and shows where the Blue Water Navy Legislation draws the limits of where a ship needed to be to gain eligility for the presumption of exposure to herbicides. If a ship was inside this line anywhere between the line and the landmass of Vietnam, the ship should be eligible for exposure benefits.

This map was created as accurately as possible and SHOULD match up with any measurements the VA makes to determine a ship's eligibility. We have been using this map to verify locations within the Territrorial Seas of Vietnam since 2014.

This program requires Google Earth be loaded on your machine. Have Google Earth loaded on your computer BEFORE you open either of the two programs below. When you open them for the first time, they will launch Google Earth and the lines will show up on the globe. SAVE the downloads to your own Google Earth program and the lines will appear whenever you open Google Earth from that point in time forward. If you fail to SAVE the download(s), simply download them again from here and the map lines will be redrawn.

Download the Ship Locater Program here. This shows the FARTHEST LIMITS of the Territorial Seas.
This is a smaller area than the entire Theater of Combat.dd

Download the Theater of Combat lines here.
This shows the area considered the Combat Zone (Theater of Combat) for Vietnam
and the area for award of the Vietnam Service Medal; they are the exact same area.